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Adapting to new trends always respecting the essence of the brand that retains classic lines has been one of the guidelines to follow within a working philosophy that the brand combines perfectly with the growth and expansion of the business model.
From China to UK, USA, Italy and France among other countries, Leon Shoes extends its concept of elegant and comfortable children’s shoes with the love of someone who understands perfectly the world of the smallest of the house.


Handmade, made in Spain.

In Villena, the footwear industry is a tradition dating back to the nineteenth century when it appeared the first shoe manufacturers, and undoubtedly, a common element to all of these shoe manufactures that has remained to this day is the high quality of his creations.
Although they specialize in children’s shoes they do manufacture shoes for the whole family that has given them a huge knowledge of the children’s needs and help adapt the manufacturing processes to meet them.

Within this scenario, Guillen’s family, in charge of Leon Shoes since its beginnings, is considered the oldest shoemaker in Villena. A family tradition that has passed through six generations for the last three centuries and continues with the same enthusiasm and dedication to achieve a goal that has not changed over time and who has traveled under the motto of “things well done”.